Episode VII – If at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger HAMMER!

A new episode and a new format. After a very long delay I am back with the seventh episode. I have switched this to a Youtube series, as I felt that it will be a better format to review collectibles. In this episode, I review the efx Thor Hammer Mjolnir from the movie The Avengers. This is quite an impressive piece and I go through unboxing it for the first time and then talk about it. I hope this new video series is an improvement over the old podcast.


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Site Update

An update on what is happening with this site and my podcast.

I have not meant to let this podcast go by the wayside for the past few years, but sometimes things just happen the way they do. I was never able to get the podcast to a spot I was happy with, mainly in that I could not figure out how to record in stereo, which was a big thing for me. I went though a new mixer, and battled with that, tried an older PC with windows XP, and a few other things, but no luck. I did not want to carry on with a mono podcast as I was embarrassed to say the least, since everyone I know does stereo and sounds much better. So the podcast sat well I worked through ideas.

One other thing I noticed about the podcast, is that I was never happy with the pictures I took. I just felt the items I reviewed I was not really capturing very well. Partly to do with my lack of photography skills, and also that I felt I was not presenting the items very well in the enhanced podcast. Lately I have found myself becoming a fan of a few YouTube channels, and watching them a lot. So I have decided that I am going to move my reviews to a Video format, and setup a YouTube channel. I think it will be better for me this way, as I think I can more realistically capture what I am talking about. Also I think it will save me some time in producing the videos as there will be less editing.  Part of it means that I am going to have to be a bit more on when I am recording and will be harder to edit out mistakes. But I think I should be able to get the handle on things.

I have a video camera I just recently picked up, so in the next little while this should be relaunching. I am excited about this, as talking about collectibles is something I really enjoyed and I missed doing the podcast the past few years. So keep an eye on this site and that should be coming soon. Also I will be updating some posts with some items I have gotten and getting caught up with where I am at with my Star Wars vintage collecting. If there was one thing that I have not let slip, it was the vintage figures.



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Tie Fighter Models

I have been slowly getting back into building models. I am presently working on a MPC/ERTL Snap Tie Interceptor, but since it is more of a practice model, I wanted to get some more detailed and higher quality Tie Fighters. I have ordered some Fine Molds Tie Fighters from Hobby Link Japan and they came in this week. They will go on the pile and I will be working on these in the next little while. I also picked up the Mobius Space Pod from the original Lost in Space TV show. At some point I would love to get the full sized Jupiter 2, but for now this will be my first Lost in Space model well in Calgary last weekend. I am still working on building my skills in modelling, so these models I might not get to right away as I work through others of lesser quality and complexity.

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